It’s being more than two decades that we have been manufacturing a full range of products. Our intensive development and perfection in the electrical field make us competitive

Through our endless team comprising of assemblers, consultants, fitters, machinist, marketing personnel and efficient staff members: we have been delivering a consistent product of acceptable quality standards. Our prompt service gives the customer a good bargain both in quality and prices.

Some of the products we developed, such as carbon brushes, brush holders, slip rings D.C. Contractors, D.C. Coils Arc Chutes, D.C. contracts (power of control), Flexible jumpers, current collectors, Epoxy and Porcelain Insulators for today’s industry are well appreciated by our customers.

We recommend various measures to improve the life of commutators and sliprings.

Our range of products include manufacturing spares of:

D.C. Motors / Crane Duty Motors / A.C. Slipring Motors/ A.C. and D.C. Generators

  1. Slipring and Commutator Units.
  2. Brush Holder / Rock Arm Assemblies.
  3. Carbon Brushes.
  4. Mechanical carbon vanes and seals.